Friday, June 11, 2010

MSSM 2010

Today, the final round of MSSM 2010 is currently ongoing.

The pairing for the Team event :
U-12B Pahang vs Sarawak (Pahang with 5MP playing on table 6)
U-15B Pahang vs Wilayah Persekutuan (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 3)
U-18B Negeri Sembilan vs Pahang (Pahang with 4MP playing on table 7)
U-12G Pahang vs Perlis (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 5)
U-15G Pahang vs Kedah (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 4)
U-18G Pahang vs Sabah (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 5)

I am more interested in knowing the personal board standings as I want to know who is the top scorer for the team of Pahang, and who are their opponents. The statistics and analysis is important if Pahang Team wishes to improve their standings in future MSSM. Coz the standing currently is not impressive.

In the individual event :
U-12B Aziz Abidin (TRG 4 points) vs Shreyes (4 points) - Table 4
In this category Yeoh Li Tian (SEL) is the sole leader with 5.5 points, trailing behind is Harlief (WP) - 5 points, Subramanian (NS) - 4.5 points.

U-15B Table 11 : Nestor (SBH 2 points) vs Amirul Azwan (2 points)
Table 12 : Ahmad Aiman (2 points) vs Nurhazman (MEL 2 points)
Yeap Eng chiam (WP) the defending champ look strong with 5.5 points, while Roshan (SEL) with 5 points, and Daniel Iskandar (JHR) with 4.5 points.

U-18B Table 4 : Boey Jin Huey (WP 4 points) vs Sumant (4 points)
Table 6 : Samuel Chan (WP 3 points) vs Khairilhelmi (3.5 points)
Mohd Nabil (SEL) looking good with 5 points, however followed closely behind is his last round opponent Jeppy Tewelu (SBH) with 4.5 points, Fong Yit San (PRK) also 4.5 points, Syakir (SEL) 4.5 points and NM Evan Timothy (4.5 points).

U-12G Table 11 : Khausalya (2 points) vs Nurul Amirah (SBH 2 points)
Table 13 : Putri Nurul (JHR 2 points) vs Nurul Ain (1 points)
Putri Rifqah (SEL) and Nur Najiha (SEL) both with 5.5 points. Siti Khadijah (TRG) with 4.5 points, NWM Tan Li Ting (WP), Teh De Zen (PP), Nithyalaksmi (NS) all with 4 points.

U-15G Table 4 : Lim Yu Chia (PP 4 points) vs Sarika (4 points)
Table 7 : Nurlyana (JHR 3 points) vs Ho Ying Rou (3 points)
Amira Syamina (SEL) and Nur Nabila (SEL) both leading with 5 points, Nur Hidayah (MEL) 4.5 points,

U-18G Table 7 : Yeong Cui Qi (JHR 3 points) vs Izzatul (3 points)
Table 14 : Awnie Azzahra (1.5 points) vs Ngoh Xiu Yan (SBH 0.5 points)
NWM Alia Anin (MEL) looks strong to win the title with 5.5 points, Winnie Hong (SEL) and Olivia (WP) trailing with 5 points.

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