Friday, June 18, 2010

NCC 2010 - Round 5

the official site

Above is the official site, in case if the readers wants to read more, photos, games and news all are there.

Its going to be an intense battle in the women section as Fong Mi Yen vs NWM Alia. I think the winner of this round shall be the NCC champ (shall I say that?). Based on the current strength I think Alia is much better, but surely Mi Yen wants the revenge for her defeat in Semi-Final of Malaysian Women Master earlier this year.

In the Open section - Surprise Nabil is the only sole leader with 4 points so far. But 8 players followed closely behind with 3.5 points. Among them are Edward Lee, Fadzil Nayan, Li Tian, Saprin, Khair, Tariq Amru, and Tan Jun Fen.

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