Friday, July 16, 2010

FIDE Elections 2010

Is the title correct? hmm.. I have been reading about this presidential contest in FIDE for so many months now. And anytime soon there will be court case. You can read it here

It surely is a surprise to me when I heard the former world champion GM Anatoly Karpov is contesting for the top post! and in his line up is our very own IA En Hamid Majid. En Hamid is nominated by Karpov, with back up and blessing from MCF and Dato Tan and he will fight for the post General Secretary of FIDE (Whoa!!!)

(No wonder when I called him after Ole Ole he didnt answer the call, but instead reply a sms to me saying that he is in overseas. I guess he must have been busy and all geared up for the elections.)

What do I think about this (I hate to be involved in politics!), I think Kirsan (the current FIDE President) has been holding the post (since 1995) for too long now. Let's try for new faces, and see what happened next. Coz so far, even under the ruling of Kirsan, Malaysian Chess scene is the same for so many years, no changes in anything. And I still dont know what will happen if Karpov hold the post? Will there be any changes in Malaysian Chess? There should be right, coz if Karpov win, Hamid will be in the team. And the best part, he is from Malaysia. And I do wish for good news to come up from this elections.

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