Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ole Ole Open 2010

I was at the Ole Ole Open, at Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, acting as the arbiter for the event. I learned new things at the tournament, and with experience and opportunity, that extend my knowledge in arbitrating a chess event. I dont juz go and be an arbiter for nothing, after each event I always consult with either En Hamid or En Najib regarding things that happened and the decision that I made (lucky me, so far, I have made the right decision). When it comes to national rating, Mr Lim Tse Pin is the person that I would refer to. I have the ambition of being the first female to become the International Arbiter (IA) in Malaysia. Coz, with the recognition of IA, I think i'll be respected more in the local chess scene. I am looking for more norms to complete the regulation set by FIDE.

Ok, back to Ole Ole. The cash prizes at Ole Ole might not be as tempting at the rest of the chess tournaments held elsewhere, but I think it is worth it, coz registering with RM20 fee, qualifies all players to a RM50 shopping vouchers at Cosway! Isnt that great! Imagine a family (father and kids playing), all received more than RM50 vouchers! And good news to all, the Ole Ole Shopping Complex has announced that the tournament shall be an annual event.

To find out more about the result of the event click here

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