Friday, July 23, 2010

Karpov Visit to Malaysia 2010

Pic left : listening carefully to Karpov statement
Pic right : from L-R Richard Conn, Karpov and Dato' Tan

Pic left : Hamid Majid - nominees for General FIDE secretary
Pic right : Karpov and his advisor Richard Conn being interviewed by Astro Arena.

Pic left : It's Yeoh Li Tian turn to be interviewed as our chess prodigy
Pic right : Then IM Mas. But in astro arena only IM Mas interview was featured in the news (and I am right when I told him that he speaks english during the interview!)

Pic left : Karpov (B) against Li Tian (W) in a blitz exhibition match
Pic right : the position.

Pic left : IM Mas turn to face the 12th World Champ
Pic right : Karpov in serious mood during the game. This is the first time I caught him in action, and I was there the entire game! (whoa!!)

Pic left : IM Mas was trembling the entire time, including the time where Karpov analyse the game and showed him the better moves.
Pic right : This is the position. Look equal huh?! but IM Mas blundered a rook few moves later. And he had no idea that the Rook was free until Karpov took it! It's ok Mas, everybody knew your expertise is in Classical game.

Pic left : Pn Haslindah - VP MCF with IM Mas
Pic right : "I'll be back again during the Malaysian Chess Festival"

L-R : Khairunnisa, Haslindah, my 2nd cousin-niece WCM Nur Nabila and my 2nd cousin Zazaluma (is it in the genes, that coincidently we play chess?hmmm)

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