Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Memorable 20th July 2010!

It was raining heavily when I arrived at LRT Ampang Park on that day and I had to walk in the rain to reach G Tower City Restaurant. Arrived cold and wet at the 28th Floor, meant nothing to me, as when I saw him again after the first and the last time I saw him was in 1993 at World Junior Chess Championship in Bratislava, Slovakia, my heart was thumping hard! There was the surprise look on everyone's face when I showed up there for the press conference and dinner.

Who am I referring to? It is none other than the 12th World Champion, Anatoly Karpov! He was in Malaysia as part of his Asian tour in his FIDE Presendential campaign. If I only I get the chance to play against him, then that will be most memorable of all time!! (hahaha), but unfortunately I am not the chess prodigy nor Malaysia's No 1 chessplayer to get that chance (huhuhu).
But nevertheless, it was great to get the chance to take photo with him again (the first time was lost somewhere, or else I would get him to autograph on the pic), and to get his autograph on a chessboard and his press campaign booklet. And I am in a good mood talking about it that night with friends and the next day to my friends and siblings and who would have thought that, the cloud 9 time would turn into a horrible feelings when a very rude person gave my car a hit and run! (terrible!)

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