Saturday, April 23, 2011

SCC Grand Prix Serie B - Players in Action!

Kuantan's Otai - Jono is making a cameo visit to the center
He was formerly a resident in Kuantan, was a lecturer at ITM Kuantan and now he is back in Kuantan to play chess. Nice to have you here competing in Serie B En Rahim Ramli.
U15 MSSD Kuantan Champ - Kuhan Ganesan vs UMP Masum player Husaini Hasnul
Ali vs Rahim Ramli.
Nordin (secretary of PCDK) on the left, and Hamidi (on the right), are in deep thought.

Best U-16 Firdaus Afiq vs Muhd Fikrie
Best U-12 Serie A - Asyraf Razman
2nd place of U-18 MSSD Kuantan - Muhd Yusof Ismail
A new refresh young talents showing skills at our SCC events.
And they keep on fighting, playing and enjoying the games. And I bet they will compete again in Serie C, D and E. Thanks kids of SK Batu Tiga Kuantan and their teacher Cikgu Norizan for the support.
in the pic - Mohd Solehuddin Ismail vs Lim Li Chern (in pink shirt). I havent heard of him even though he has the ratings of 1648, but he seems an ok player.
En Asman (standing) kibitz the game. Sorry En Asman you are not allowed to play in the series hehehe... See you in the finale!
Mohd Khair in round one, and next to him is Amirul Aiman - a fresh new talent with passion in chess.
And he is facing the champ - Abd Khalid Musa
Champ of Kuantan U-20 junior open last year is playing in this Serie B.

The battle of U-15 and U-18!
In full concentration!

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