Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gambar-gambar Sekitar SCC Serie C

NWM Nurul Huda vs Wan Ali Wan Manan
IM Mas on the right vs Ayu Annur, kibitz me agains NM Zarul.
what a terrible opening blunder made by me, against what a reply from NM Zarul.. hahaha.. well he deserved the win and punished me...
The scenery of the SCC Serie C
The talented Asyraf Razman vs Kamal Azmi
NM Zarul vs Muhd Qhaider
in the pic, Husaini vs Adib

Nordin Othman (local otai of Tanah Putih league) vs Asyraf's dad -Razman
while everyone else seems to be at ease in the first round,i find myself stumble to win against Anis Nadzar。
Another scenery of SCC Serie C
And this was taken in the early rounds
It was awesome moment for Muhd Hazid to have met IM Mas in the first round. Really appreciate the IM Mas showing him a thing or two.

while Zulkarnain had the opportunity to play against NM Zarul
and whatever tournament he participate, it is a good thing to see for yourself how serious he is in every rounds and whoever his opponent is. And kids, if you are watching IM Mas playing, he make notations too ok! and that shows how important it is!

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