Monday, June 20, 2011


We are proud to announce the date of our Grand Finale event to be held on Saturday (24th Dec 2011). With earlier announcement, we are hoping that our tournament shall not clash with other events (we would appreciate it very much - I mean really really appreciate it, if other chess organisers could plan their events on a different date, thank you!)

En Najib Wahab has agree to be the Chief Arbiter for the event, and we shall make a formal request soon to the MCF to have our Grand Finale event to be National Rated.

The prizes at Grand Finale :

Champion - Cash RM 1000.00
Second - Cash RM 700.00
Third - Cash RM 500.00
Fourth - Cash RM 300.00
Fifth - Cash RM 100.00

There will be additional prizes that shall be announce later :-))

Invitation goes to all top 5 winners in all SCC GP Series + another 5 players ranging from juniors and ladies to be invited to join the elite.

And NO registration fee shall be charged during the event, not just that, all participants will get the experience in their lifetime, to compete in the Grand tournament with all the top best players selected during the GP Series!

We are still looking for another 10 Top 5 winners from the remaining GP and another 5 players to be selected after all GP series concluded.

But here are the list of players invited from Serie A - C:
1. IM Mas Hafizulhilmi - 2271
2. Kamaluddin Yusof - 1932
3. NM Kamal Arifin - 1929
4. Mohd Khair - 1863
5. NM Zarul Shazwan - 1833
6. Abdul Khalid Musa - 1781
7. Hamidi Taib - 1705
8. Abd Rahim Ramli - 1665
9. Kamal Azmi - 1614
10. Suhaidi Mustafa - 1591
11. NWM Nurul Huda - 1511
12. Sharif Mohd Zaki - 1408
13. Asman Aminullah - 1407
14. Muhd Asyraf Razman - 1338
15. Umar Mokhtar Umar Shukri - 1288

**kindly let the organiser know your current HP no, email address and your availability for the Grand Finale**

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