Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lost My Handphone....

I am terribly sorry for readers who have been waiting for the results. I have been down these 24 hours with the sadness of losing my handphone. I know it is a simple Nokia, and I can just buy that instantly, but to me that handphone is everything, not just it is a gift from my bro, it has all my students and potentials local players to my tournaments, it has messages as evidence of so many things that going on from office, friends and family, it has pic of me and my family in it and I love that number (have been using the same number ever since i started using handphone)... I know people can say that I should be patience and that things happened for a reason.. I know, and maybe I am over-reacting over the lost of the phone.. I dont know, there's too many feelings at the same time... and it became stronger when i lost the handphone..

Those who wish to register for the coming Serie E this 22nd Oct 2011, hold that thoughts for a while, I will post new number in the blog after consulting with my brother Khair.

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