Friday, July 22, 2011

SCC GP Serie D - 23/7/2011

I have few players on standby list asking to join the event tomorrow.. it is very hard to decline... because as a player i can understand how they feel. It is heartbroken to say NO to anyone that love the game as much as i do.. I am trying hard to accomodate all of you.. Because the reason why i set up the centre, and do the tournament is - because all of you.

But please.. NEXT TIME.. for our final series - SERIE E (22/10/2011), kindly register EARLY.. I cant take it anymore to say NO again.. and again.. and again.. huhuhu..

Kindly be at the centre before 9am, and we will see if i can put your name in or not. No promises, but i am trying the best that i can.. InsyaALLAH!

I do hope no one is complaining of the heat at the centre.. let's just pray it's gonna rain tomorrow.. at least that will cool everyone down..

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