Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blitz at DATCC 9/10/2011

IM Mas with a perfect score after round 12. Another 3 more rounds to go!

And IM Mas won the Blitz with 14 points from 15 rounds, he drew twice with Mustafa Said (pic above) and Sri Shiva Kumar. Second was CM Fadli Zakaria and 3rd place was Zaidan Zulkipli.

I took part too in this competition (i guess now i am addicted to Blitz), not doing well though, it is pretty bad actually to lost 6 games. I lost to Mas, Abd Shukor, Fadli, Najib, Ezmi, and Jax.. But since the tourney will be a once a month thing, I will make sure to have my revenge next (hahaha.. payback time!)

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