Thursday, May 16, 2013

5th Kuantan Rapid Junior Chess Masters 20 - 21 April 2013.

Dewan Astaka UMP Gambang is the location for our 5th year tournament. It was a good hall, with a good turnout. Initially PCDK wanted to close the registration when it reaches 100 participants, but later on, why not up to 120. But as usual, we Malaysians like to do things last minute! On the last day of the tournament day itself PCDK still received registration.. but PCDK can only accepted few, as it almost reaches 150 players and we cant accomodate more than that!

Our sincere apology for the players, but if you are still below the age of 20, come on and participate next year.

With the overwhelming response from the players, PCDK added few additional prizes and special award for the 2 youngest participants, and the largest participation from one school which is from SMK Clifford with 28 players!

At the tournament hall

This is definitely the best venue that can accomodate many players
With a different time control format this year we see many talents came out of nowhere. (the time control was 45 minutes for each players, and recording of moves is compulsory)
In the pic is Airil vs Benjamin
On the right is Muhd Yusuff pondering on his moves.
One of the fav to win, and she finally did! Nur Sabrina Aliya
Close up pic for category B - U10. This year we received participations of 41 participants! Definitely the number of players aged 10 and below is increasing!
Rizwan Aryzona (pic on left) on time trouble against Nur Sabrina
The battle between Yusuff and Ikmal (the former MSSM U18 Pahang players)
Surprise to see Muhd Alif Imran Yuraselan to secure draw playing against Meor Airil
Nur Amalina Alyaa (pic right) was the victim of Sabrina
Ummu Hani vs Muhd Asyraf
While Ummu's bro, Zulkarnain vs Liyana

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