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Kuantan Rapid Junior Chess Masters 20-21 April 2013

The game between siblings
Interesting to see the serious faces among friends playing chess
One the fav Airil was up against Liyana from K.Lipis
Another game between siblings
Ikmal is taking his time off playing in his last Junior U20 event
Airil vs Amalina on top board
The challenge trophy and the medals for the event.
This was an interesting game indeed! between Airil and Asyraf
The surrounding area
Our proud event for the year
players, parents and teachers waiting anxiously for the award winning ceremony
Due to overwhelming response this year, PCDK has decided to giveaway many prizes. Including the youngest participant - Aged 6, adik Nurul Najihah Mohd Amri
Another youngest participant - aged 5, adik Nik Afiq Raiyan Nik Ahmad Farouqi, the prizes was given away by Nur Farhana Atiqah (Presiden UMP Chess Club)
Chief Arbiter Nik Ahmad Farouqi giveaway the prizes for U10 category. For U10G category - No 5 Dhania Irissa Faiz (4/7)
U10G - No 4 Ummu Habibah Safri (4/7)
U10G - No 3 Wan Adalia Rasya Ayib Rosdi (4/7)
U10G - No 2 Jannatul Atikah Muhammad (4/7)
U10G - The Champion Siti Nur Atierah Abdul Manan (5.5/7)
U10B - No 5 Taufiq Hidayat Ismail (5/7), but he was absent during the prize giving. In the pic is no 4 - Muhd Amjad Muhaimin Mustafa (5/7)
U10B - No 3 Muhd Khairi Kamarul Hatta (6/7)
U10B - No 2 Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan (6/7)
U10B - The Champion Muhd Nur Fikri Mohamad (6/7)
For Category A, PCDK Presiden Asman Aminullah gave away the prizes. For U12G - 3rd place Puteri Auji Adriana Ahmad
U12G - 2nd place Nur Fatin Umairah Zakaria, in the pic is 1st place Nur Fatin Farzana Mohd Idrus
U12B - 3rd place Abdul Rashid Abdullah Rahali, 2nd place belongs to Ahmad Shahrul Shauqi
U12B - 1st place Zulkarnain Safri 
U14G - 2nd place Liyana Abdullah. Third place belongs to Najihah Mukminah Ishak
U14G - 1st place Ummu Hani Safri
U14B - 3rd place Meor Adib Rusyaidi Ayib Rosdi
U14B - 2nd place Muhd Al-Amin Abdul Fatah
U14B - 1st place Muhd Asyraf Razman
U16G - 2nd place Nurjannah Al-Firdaus Abd Al-Fatah. 3rd place - Nur Athirah Muhd Firdaus Siau
U16G - 1st place Nur Syahirah Rokeman
U16B - 3rd place was Mohd Ismajmi Rozi, while in the pic is the 2nd place Muhd Firdaus Afiq Asman
U16B - 1st place is Muhd Al-Hanif Abdul Al Fatah
We are not able to get the U20 pictures, but here is the results:
U20G - 2nd Nurul Laily Idris, 1st Nur Amalina Alyaa Mohd Ridzal (in pic)
U20B - 3rd Muhd Alif Imran Yuraselan, 2nd Rizwan Aryzona Abrari, 1st Ikmal Ubaidullah Kamaruddin
Here are the grand prize winners presented by En Arman - the adviser for Kelab Catur UMP.
In the pic is the best 3rd placing overall, Muhd Yusuff Ismail (6/7)

2nd place overall won by Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi (6/7)
And we are proud to say, for the first time in our Kuantan Junior Masters history, we have our new Champion! and she is the first female to ever won the title, and will have the priviledge to craft her name on the Challenge Trophy! Kudos to Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman for her best performance in this 5th Year Kuantan Rapid Junior Master 2013!

Congratulations to all winners

For full results of Category A (20 years and below)
For full results of Category B (10 years and below)

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