Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st Asean Youth Team Chess Championship 2007

on 2nd - 6th dec 2007, 1st Asean Youth Team Chess Championship was organised at Hotel Concorde Shah Alam. Participants are mostly MSS of each states in Malaysia. Few team from Singapore, and Vietnam. While others are from Individual institutions from Malaysia.

On the first day of the event, the venue was unexpectedly played in rooms (they called it galleries) at the hotel. The second day, then the event was held at its rightful place - in a ballroom which is convinient for all.

From the sound of the event's name, I am expecting players from other Asean regions, but only 2 countries send their teams. Hmm.... I hope more will participate in the coming event next year!

Here are pictures from the recent Asean Youth Team. To find out more about the details report of the event. Check out www.gilachess.com

Masterskill nursing college is the main sponsor of the event, so, no wonder all the nurses to-be are there during the opening ceremony!

From left - Ignitius Leong (FIDE Secretary General), Raja Dato' Seri Azureen, and Masterskill CEO Edmund Santhara

Seated from left - Florencio Campomanes (FIDE Honorary Presiden), Ignitius Leong, Raja Dato' Seri Azureen, Edmund, and MSSM rep En. Rosman.

Pictures together with the VIPs invited, including GM Utut Adianto wearing the green blazer.

"and let the game begins..." Raja Dato' Seri Azureen officiated the event.

A friendly game between the two masters...

And it ended with a draw, mutually agreed!

Meeting the participants

MSSM Pahang U-15 Team

MSSM Pahang U-15 players (on the left is Khairilhelmi)

MSSM Pahang U-12 team

MSSM Pahang U-9 Team.

From left Izzatul Aini (8 yrs) and Nur Nadia (9 yrs) both from SK Tok Sira Kuantan

in deep thought, huh...!?

Muhammad Fatih, the U-9 player from MSSM Pahang also from SK Tok Sira Kuantan

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