Tuesday, December 11, 2007

International Women and sports Conference 2007

As reported earlier, now posted pictures of the event..

From left, Suffiah, Esther and me attending the seminar

All of us...

Dato' Azalina at the dinner reception

Where the dinner was held

Other delegates from other sports, on my left were from TUDM and Majlis Paralimpik Malaysia

We are having fun at the seminar, actually.....

Friends from Persatuan Hoki and Masjlis Sukan Negeri Terengganu at the dinner reception

Delegates from Indonesia

Delegates from Arabs

VIP consists of Instructors from foreign countries

Delegates from African Nations

The silat performance during the opening ceremony

And we have guys attending and giving speech too! (seen in pic - Tan' sri Elyas Omar)

The backdrops

What an experience!, with the Asian 400meter gold medallist (Asian Games Doha) from Bahrain

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