Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FIDE National Instructor / Developmental Instructor Course 2007

During the Asean Youth team, there was a Chess Course held there for the title, National Instructor (NI) or Developmental Instructor (DI).

There were more than 12 participants initially, then the number decreasing to 12 people. Mostly comprising of School Teachers who were all avid chess fans. The ladies participants were, Suffiah, Haslindah, Fadzilah and me. We were sponsored by Women Sports Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM), and of course our fees are higher than the school teachers have to pay. Our thanks to WSFFM for sponsoring us!

From 12 participants taking the exams to determine which receives which titles, only 10 of us manages to receive titles. 8 of us managed to grab the NI title. They are ; Khor Bean Hwa (Penang), Abu Bakar Martin (Perak), Mohd Rezal (Putrajaya), Shamsuddin Mat Isa (MSSM), Khairunnisa (WSFFM), Fadzilah (WSFFM), Haslindah (WSFFM), and Joseph Toh (KL)

While the other 2 receipients of DI are; Hamdan Sairi (Johor) and Suffiah Mohamad (WSFFM)

The course started on the 2nd dec with the lectures from Mr Ignitius Leong and then our FIDE Instructor, Mr Olimpiu G Urcan from Romania, but resides in Singapore now.

On the 5th dec (wednesday), the written exams kicks off with the puzzle test. To really test our evaluation of the chess compositon lies. The top scorer of the test was Mr Joseph Toh. The second test was written assessment of general knowledge of chess. And the top scorer of the test was, me.... hahaha... I never expect that one coming.. I got 78/80 for that test. Daily reading of chess news paid off!. The next test conducted in the evening was the presention of a chess topic. Pick a topic what we wanted to teach as the presentation and present it. Luckily some of us got to do just one presentation, some did 2 while few got to do 3rd presentation. The best presenter was Shamsudin Mat Isa. Well.. he deserves it!

The most memorable moments that makes me smile all days, despite all the troubles that we had to go through to be there, to stay there and taking the exams, was that, I was named the overall top scorer of the course, Fadzilah was named second, and Shamsudin was third.

And it was announced at the hall, to be heard by all the chess fans there! This is truly a blessing in disguise......

During the presentation

Listening carefully what the instructor got to say

From left, Shamsudin Mat Isa, me, Mr Olimpiu (the instructor), Fadzilah and Suffiah

Our happy faces with the certificates

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