Monday, January 07, 2008

Result of The 1st Kl Braille Open 2008

Latiff Muhamad "we thank you for participating in the event"

"please do not focus on my shoes..." (Latiff Muhamad was involved in an accident a day earlier, he suffered few fracture bones in his left leg and arm, but still up for event.. what a man!)

"We are ok with your shoes en. Latiff... :-))"

And the winner goes to FM Mok Tze Meng... Congratulations!! (nice game man!)

"gee.. who would have thought the winner will be me.. hehehe"

2nd place - Mah Hassan (still the best in his field)

3rd Place winner - Idris (a really good blindfold player besides Mah Hassan)

and he was the former Malaysian player for the last Para Games in Manila

4th place - Fadli Zakaria

5th place - Hashim Jusoh

6th place - Ho Hea King

7th place - Hisyamuddin

8th place - Rahimah

9th place - Tarmizi

10th place - Hasidin

and here we have the winners and participants of the event..

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