Monday, January 07, 2008

Trying Out At Blindfold Game...

This is the picture of me, trying out the eye pad covering my eyes and trying to feel and fit the blind people shoes. And believe me it is not easy doing it! The sets feels bigger and the board too. With all darkness surrounding me, I feel the fobia and stress of being alone in the darkness. It is a strange and scary feeling indeed... while I was playing, I am trying as hard as I can picturing the game inside my head how the board looks like and the movement of the pieces. So I am thinking.. how lucky I am to have the ability to actually see the staunton set and therefore I can imagine the pieces clearly in my head, and that is why my game is different compared to the braille players... They play with their heart, imagining the pieces what it looks like and working their brain extra harder.. but still, they fight like tigers and makes us the normal people surprise at the outcome!

I had the wonderful interesting experience and I will treasure it for life! I thank you Asmah, En. Latiff and the braille players for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!!

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