Monday, January 07, 2008

SM Event Pro / Amateur 6th Jan 2008

The SM Event for 2008 was held at Kompleks Wilayah Kuala Lumpur on sunday 6th January 2008. A huge number of participants taking part in the event! Kudos to the Fadli Zakaria!
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I took part in the event playing in the Pro section. So, since I am playing therefore I am concentrating for the Pro.. And these people are playing not because of the prize money (since it is not much) but because of the "crazy for the game" in them!

Because the event started late so, I had to rush back to Kuantan right after my last game.. so no pictures of the closing ceremony from this site. If you want to view it, check out the above site and (the paparazzi of chess!!)

The final round of the Amateur section. Notice on the second board is Yeoh Li Tian (the junior U-8 sensation).

Amateur right, but they fought like Pro section. Each game is a deadly game to players.. anything can happened. Even the seeded player failed to shine the event...

The Pro section - kamaludin Yusof on the right won the event. In his last game he drew with NM Kamal Ariffin Wahidduddin

"I drew so I took home 3rd place..." Kamal would probably saying that

Is Abd Haq wearing his lucky T-shirt? he wore that at Johor Bharu game and he got placing there, and he got even better placing in this event - 2nd place!! Not bad man!

Fairin against an OKU player Ho Hea King using a braille chess set...

OKU Players taking part in the Pro section...

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