Friday, August 29, 2008

Ambank Chess Challenge 2008

Ambank chess challenge attract players from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and of course our locals. It is a tough section where I witness most of the foreigners' are in the top spot! But our players did the best too!!

The first round of Ambank Challenge. Players seems to be on a relaxed mood...
Pic on the right is my brother, NM Kamal Arifin took part in Ambank too

My brother, Mohd Khair also took part in Ambank.
The players in action in Ambank Chess Challenge

Kamaludin in deep thought in round 11 (final) of Ambank Chess Challenge. He got himself in third place!

NM Kamal Arifin was placed no 8th overall!

And the Champion - from Phillipine!

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