Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DATMO 2008 - My Side of Story (Ep 2)

For Merdeka Rapid our Ladies Team were finished with 19 points from 9 rounds of play, we are juz one point behind Team AsliMAS to grab the fifth Malaysian Best Team. However, we still got the Best Ladies Team score.. It was a fun and amazing days for me. Thanks to the team! To Haslindah, Nurul Huda, Alia, and Shazwani for the adventure! Thanks to MCF too for the chance of a lifetime!

Haslindah, Alia and I stayed on after Merdeka Rapid to play at DATMO. Even though it was a rapid event but I do feel tired of playing.

The next day, we have the DATMO at Cititel Ballroom. I didn't prepare anything, as I was spending my night sleeping. I seems not to have the stamina at all.. and I can't seems to focus well for the game. As if I only had one option in front of me and I juz play as per that option. And it cost me a terrible loss. I lost to Yee Weng on my first round! much as everybody expected I guess... I chat with Yee Weng (after all I am still a paparazzi for my blog), and he expressed his interest to play in Olimpiad this year. So, I guess that is why he performed well..

I feel that IM Mas GM quest has inspired every chess players in the country to do well, and nothing is impossible as long as you strive hard for it. And I believe that is the reason why many youngster participate in DATMO and Ambank, not to mention the outstanding performance of FM Lim Yee Weng (congrats!)..

Well, since all news in other blog covered about the champ and the star players, plus cuties from China that everyone has been talking about. I am going to tell my part of stories with the news from behind... hehehe... since I am part of it anyway.

Yea.. I was sitting at the back in the entire DATMO.. and the feeling sucks! this was the first time I lost 6 times in a row, and managed only to get 3 points from 11 rounds with one win, and 4 draws. I drew in my last four because I lost my mood for the games, but I am more interested in watching the games of GMs and support my brothers who's playing in the Ambank Challenge. Oh yes.. I like watching and learn from the moves the top players made...

Ok ok ok.. back to the back end players. The way the setting of the tables for DATMO seems as if MCF knew that the standard of play for DATMO will be separated into two. Class A and class B. Coz, we at the back end are like in the world of our own! as if we are competing against ourselves. Whenever there is a victory, someone will jump to class A, but later on in the next round he/she will jump back at the place where we belong... hahaha... sounds funny when thinking about it.

And I do see familiar faces at our side of the world, (hehehe as they are considered top Malaysian players) with the remaining rounds to finish. So, you see, the difficulty of DATMO is not only experience by me alone, but is shared by others too. ( And yes, this paparazzi has been asking around too)

At the back end, there are not only Malaysian players, there are players from Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia and there are also WIM and WFM in our group too. Also rated players at level 2xxx were there too. During the last round, I saw the last year Ambank champ sitting at our world playing against an Indonesian... quite shocking isn't it! So you see we are not alone in our own league...

If there is another DATMO, and I am encouraging the other Malaysian to take up the challenge. Please do not feel embarrassed by the performance, the experience is more important for the next challenge in chess life. Hey, I played badly too. The least I can say to the people, "I have been there and done that, but have you?"

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