Monday, August 25, 2008

DATMO 2008 - My Side of Story (Ep 1)

"You must be out of your mind!"
That was my sis first reaction when I told her that I wanted to play in Malaysian Chess Festival month. She was ok when I mentioned I will be playing in Merdeka Rapid on the 16th and 17th of august. But later on, juz before the closing date, I told her about the DATMO 2008 on the phone, she was furious!..

At whatever tourney that I want to take part, family blessing is important to me. Maybe she is worried that I might came back home in tears, or decided to not play chess again (juz like after Armenia 1996). But I manage to convince her that I am going to have my fun there, and never to get too emotional about my games, and besides the rumours saying that it is the last installment of DATMO, gives me the strong reason to play and feel the experience!

I know I am not ready for the big event, coz I havent study chess for months!, but I am curious about the standard of the event.

I have been a big fan of the event ever since I found out about it in 2005. I have been to Midvalley every august to get a glimpse of the games played. Every time I step into the hall, I was like a little girl in a candy shop... (hahaha). It puzzles me why there are players who always sits at the back, and with a lowest score. I said to myself, "is it that difficult?"... Yes.. fans would only gather around top players. They never bother about the far end players. I wonder, what would be my results if I am in action too.

Year after year, I was a spectator.. but this year, I finally get my chance to be part of it! And gosh!!!! wow!!! It was harder than it looks (trust me on this!).. Now I know what it feels like to play in DATMO. I spoke to Cathy Rogers at the tourney (she was there with hubby Ian Rogers who trained IM Mas Hafizul for the event), she said "Well at least you got guts to play, coz I dont". Yeah.. I have guts, and I really appreciate her for that statement, it does boost my morale for the remaining rounds. (But to prepare in the big event like this, I need more than juz guts!).

I took a long leave from work and home from 16th - 24th August 2008. To play in Merdeka Team Rapid, DATMO, and Blitz. It was a long exhausting days for me, with the total games I have played was 27 games! What a record! (for me la).

I will tell you the next stories later.....

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