Thursday, April 23, 2009

1st ROund of 1st DATCC Chess League 2009

When most players saw me at the DAT Chess Centre many were surprise to see me, asking when I arrived when will I be headed home. I juz said, well I am taking half day leave yesterday and will headed home that night coz I am working today. And currently I am in the office doing my works and catching up with my deadlines. Surprise! surprise! huh?!

I kept repeating that what I am doing is merely a small contribution for the Women in Chess movement that I was talking about. Our Persatuan Catur Wanita Malaysia will be formed soon, so, our future presiden decided to support the soon to be persatuan by sponsoring the Ladies Team for the Chess League. Kudos should be given to Roslina Marmomo our Kapitan, Haslindah Ruslan our Liaison Officer between the Team and the future presiden, the parents that supporting our future Women National Players, Parents of Camilia Johari, Parents of Nur Nabila and Nur Najihah, Parents of Tan Li Ting, and Parents of Nur Shazwani. Also to the Protem committees that has been doing the hard work in ensuring our first attempt playing in the league under the Women's flag!

There are 10 teams taking part in the league and yesterday players' meeting decided that we will be playing for double round robin tourney. The first of such ever that I will be taking part in. So overall for 18 weeks most us will be sweating, battling the wits every wednesday at DATCC and in the end we will find out who will be the winner of the 1st DATCC Chess League.

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