Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures of DATCC Chess League 1st Round

Pic left : what a surprise to see Greg playing again for team SMS Gold!
Pic right : Jax Tham & NM Yeoh Chin Seng from SPAWN

Pic left : SPAWN vs Tan & Tan with IM Tan & IM Giam playing
Pic right : What a surprised! this is the first time I saw Dato' Tan playing in a tourney

Pic left : PriceWaterhouseCoopers vs 786 Chess Club
Pic right : Nusa Mahkota vs GOLDIS Bhd with first board a clash between Nur Ilhamuddin and IM Mas

Pic left : Nusa Mahkota with Ilham, Aziz, Shamsul and Rusdi.. as you can see IM Mas is in deep thought before the start of the game, his usual trademark - focussing hard
Pic right : PCWM Terang Bersih team with 1st Board - Nabila, 2nd Board - Tan Li Ting, 3rd Board - Khairunnisa' W and 4th - Camilia Johari (the combination of the young and seniors in the team)

MBS vs SMS Gold team, looking on the board FM Mok and Sarjan Ismail Ahmad

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