Thursday, April 09, 2009

Solution For Problem 17

White To Play And Mate In Three Move

White had lot of continuation to win in this position but all in 4 move.The only move that make it possible to mate in 3 are 1.Qa8!! if 1....Bxa8 2.Rxf4 Kxe5 3.Ng6# if 1....Nxa8 2.Bg7 Bxe4 (2....Kxe4 3.Bb1) 3.Be6 if 1....Nd7 2.Qe8 Bxe4(2...Kxe4 3.Bb1#) 3.Qh5# if 1....Bxe4 2.Be6+ Kxe5 3.Qa1# This problem really hard for me to solve.Even when i asked Mr Fritz 11 to assist It also could not find 1.Qa8 move.After i tried all the variation that possible then i discover 1.Qa8.So thanks to all that participated to solve this problem.

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