Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mag-nificent Magnus!

The news of Magnus Carlsen being the youngest player to have the achieved the World No 1 in FIDE ratings has been in many blogs. But I still want to write this anyway... :-)) It juz so happened that I like the article so much that I insist to tell the story.

When Magnus mentioned in the interview here about he and his intuition - "I'm good at sensing the nature of the position and where I should put my pieces. You have to choose the move that feels right sometimes; that's what intuition is. It's very hard to explain." My brother Kamal used to mention about this "intuition" thing a couple of years ago, he says how important to try and develop the intuition skill. He was trying hard to make me understand.. kinda like Magnus - hard to explain. I think my conclusion overall, is how far your logic calculation goes (I think) during play.

In this interview here ,I like the fact that he still continue his studies / his schooling years and at the same time took part in many major events. It is not an easy life to juggle chess and study at the same time.. (but somehow, Magnus done it!)

When I asked Dao Thien Hai about his opinion whether we can have a GM or not, he said, for one to become a GM he must be a professional player (meaning quit school and do chess full time). I kinda disagree when he said that, coz I still think education is important, at least SPM is a must for all! look at Nicol David, she scores good SPM results then only she continue her passion for squash professionally and look at her now (on top of the world)!

So, for those who wish to go for titles, juz dont stop at the point where you cant have the dream come true. But instead be bold and strive harder! The dreams maybe granted years later, but at least you hold on to the dream. To be exact IM Mok proves that age 40s never stops him to get his IM title (though it took him 10 years to get that.. Bravo Mok!)

p/s - I never stop hoping for the 1st Malaysian GM!

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