Thursday, January 07, 2010

No More Chess In MSSM?!?!

Why I put that a question mark? hmmm.... rumours had been spread throughout the town (the news were reported here and here too and other blogs as well) that chess is no longer included in MSSM!!! ( I think the news is confirmed) the first time I heard about it, I was in shocked! I dont know how to break the news (in this blog and to my students) because I was so affected by it. In my mind, there are so many questions that pop up all of the sudden... Had there be any negotiations? had there been any talks?

I was like "come on!"... Why of all the sports, chess was one of it? At time where we had so many chess enthusiasts, and more and more blogger came forward spreading news about local chess scene that bloom like mushroom all over Malaysia (we saw more states came into action in organising chess tournaments). We even had Rapid chess on almost every weekend of the month! And more FIDE rated event coming into our local chess too! We had parents too that contributed so much to chess by financing their kids to play abroad! And we do had so many talented chess players that were first noticed through MSSM! Why on earth now when Chess is recognised and included in the SEA games and the ASIAN games! not to mention in the PARA games as well! (and we won golds too!). I wonder how the selection for Asean School chess will be held if the players werent selected from MSSM?

I was thinking writing further about this and send it to one of the newspaper in Malaysia.. I dont know if it will help much, but that is the least I could do..

Currently, I am searching for the my past MSSM years booklet. I cant write much about the current MSSM situation coz I wasnt there at the time, but I most definitely going to write about my years during MSSM and how the life of us were change because of MSSM. Because for a person like me who cant compete in other sports, chess is the best choice for co-curriculum activity!

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