Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MCF's Chess Calendar 2010

Here is the new 2010 chess calendar as announced by the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF). Looking at the schedule, MCF event will start with the Malaysia - Singapore Match! Based on the previous incidence couple of years back, the format of the match will be slightly differ. In either way, I am still waiting for MCF to confirm this, and the list of players taking part.

Then we have the Malaysian Women Master too! I am still waiting for the confirmation to announce in this blog.

The annual event that kids have been waiting for - the National Age Group 2010! This Penang Chess Association (PCA) will organised the event. So, to all parents out there, take note the tourney will be held at Dewan Sri Pinang from March 14 - 16! I do hope the categories contended will included the U-18 category too, coz I noticed that we have players playing in the World Youth in U-18 category but is selected based from other tournaments not from the NAG. I think it is fair for those school leavers that wish to try their luck.

As many knows, MSSM for chess will no longer be around (wonder for how long will it be this time, coz if I am not mistaken parents still pays for MSSM fee as part of the school fee), therefore you can see in the calendar there will be a tourney called National Scholastic Age Group. I am still puzzle whether is this an open event or the players selected from the MSSD or MSS from states? Hope MCF will clarify on this matter. But I am hoping (crossing my fingers) for chess to be in MSSM for more years to come!

For those who wish to compete in the National Closed 2010, the event will start from June 16-20. After all the rush in auditing and the installation of the new system, June is the month that I am actually free and available to play. Hope I can make it to this year National Closed!

In the calendar the Malaysian Chess Festival this year will be in the month of Ramadhan! I think the last of the Malaysian Open will be on the 29th Ramadhan.. hmm... I am not sure that I like this date.. coz, those are the crucial time where the preparation for Raya is held! I didnt take part last year, so, I was hoping that I can play this year!

For this year, the international highlights or events for the Malaysian chess fans will be the Asian Games Guangzhao where chess will be one of the sports contended and the Siberia 2010, where Chess Olimpiad will be staged once in every two years! (for chess.. there will be more than 100 countries taking part!)

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