Sunday, September 26, 2010

Olympiad - More Pic

I have asked Roslina for more pic when she is not playing, coz i guess many fans back home wants to see more pic. I have specifically asked for pic from the top players and she grants my wish too. Thanks a lot!!

GM Sergey Karjakin - he holds the youngest GM in the world. He is now playing on 4th board for Russia 1 (Kramnik also in the team).

World No. 1 - GM Magnus Carlsen (wearing the G-Raw clothing line eh there Magnus?). He is playing for Norway, Norway is not a fav in this Olympiad even though they have Magnus. In the 4th round he suffers a defeat in the hand of Georgian - GM Baadur Jobava. Its a shocked to me at first but GM Jobava keep his momentum right by beating GM Le Guan Liem (Vietnam).
GM Fabiano Caruana - Playing first board for Italy.

The chinese team - with GM Wang Yue, GM Wang Hao, GM Bu as seen here. China came to Olympiad with the hope of winning the medal contested.

Malaysian women team before the match against Iraq in round 5. Standing in the pic is Roslina.

The ladies with the one that has helped them a lot (according to Roslina). He prepared their game at the night and tabled to the ladies next morning. Well the ladies needs as much help as they can get.

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