Saturday, September 25, 2010

Olympiad Round 5 - Updates

In the Open - Malaysia was paired against Bolivia. Based on ratings, we have the advantage on winning against Bolivia. But however, it looks like IM Mas can only draw his game (fatigue perhaps Mie?), same like Peter who is obviously aiming for a draw on fourth board. While bravo Tan Khai Boon drew against a higher rated opponent (phew). Unexpectedly, Mok lost! I thought he was winning.

Malaysia 1.5 - Bolivia 2.5

In the Women - Malaysia vs Iraq. Alia, Fong Mi Yen won, Nabila and Nurul Huda drew. Overall we won by 3-1. Good job Ladies!!! I was a bit worried because of the lost yesterday. Glad that today they got the victory. To Ladies, forget about what people said back home. Just play your best! Its you on the board, its you that struggle during the games, so play like you play back home!

Tomorrow is the rest day for the players. Round 6 will resume on monday. Have fun!

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