Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olimpiad Round 3 - UPSET!

Our Men drew with Lithuania in Round 3, where our opponents not just rated higher than us but with 3 GMs and 1 IM as their line-up, clearly most of us predict that Msia would have lost this round. Although that is the prediction, as the fan of Msian team when IM Mas is playing, I was hoping that Mas could encourage the others with his play.

And yeay! Mas won!!! He made the upset against that GM, while Mok drew his game with another GM and Peter drew too. Mas salvage the lost of Tan Khai Boon to give Malaysia a 2-2 draw against Lithuania. I bet Lithuania wasnt expecting this outcome, eh!

Congrats guys, esp to Mie!

Meanwhile, as the whole nation (the chess fans) celebs the victory of Mas, the ladies on the other hand produce a different result (cant see any bloggers commenting any games on the ladies - but only on comments of the result, I guess non of them interested, so ladies do something will ya!). They lost to Austria by 3-1, Nur Nabila and Fong Mi Yen drew, while Alia and Roslina lost.

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