Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Olympiad - Round 2

Here is the round 1 photo. I was browsing thru the official website and found this. It was also posted in the Hairulov's blog. (My father was asking me that day is he could see her daughter in action, I guess thanks to the organiser for the pic).

IM Mas vs GM Michael Adams (ENG) - who was once on the top ranked of the world. It is truly a surprised to us Malaysian, but for those that familiar with IM Mas, the upset (he drew with the GM) is just something that he can do at any moment when he sees it coming! (just like the time when he beat GM Korchnoi in the previous Olympiad). Lets just hope he maintain the momentum for the rest of the games there.

My sis in action. She lost her first round yesterday. My bro and I was looking at the position expecting that she could turn the position, but obviously her opponent is too strong for her. She will have her first rest today, and her spot for board 3 will be placed by Roslina, and Fong Mi Yen will be playing her first game.

Today at approximately 5pm Malaysia time, we get to watch live our players in action. I try to watch the games just like yesterday :-))
I was wrong by assuming that the fielding of Malaysian Women is based on the Malaysian women master tournament. Only Alia and Nabila remain on the top 2 board, while Fong Mi Yen was put as the reserve. Perhaps the captain think she is inexperience compared to others.
All the best to the players! Bring home 4-0 victory, will ya!

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