Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Round 1 - Olympiad

Did I just mentioned "can someone bring home at least half point from the english?" I think someone out there hear my thoughts while I was writing this blog.. hahaha.. and truly Mie did hear it! I was at the meeting during the game was live on the internet. But I take time off for few minutes to catch result as often as I could (hope my boss doesnt read this.. hehehe)

Yes, Malaysia lost on both Men and Women. But we lost with high spirit! The guys got themselves half point from the english (not bad, considering we are the underdogs here!) From the way the games were played, it looks like they underestimate the malaysians. Well, that half point sure going to cost them later on!

I am obviously cheering for the Malaysian Women since my sis is playing too. I thought she will not play in round 1. As what I understood the priority is for the 3 juniors, while the 2 seniors are there more as a support system. But something must have come up that Fong Mi Yen wasnt able to play in the first round.

In round 2 - The men will play against Hong Kong while the ladies is up against Ethiopia. Sounded easy huh? But, to me all that came to Olympiad are with high hopes to make upsets, so the malaysians still need to be careful and dont take whoever the opponent lightly (but 4-0 win ok?)

All the best!!

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