Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NAG 2011

NAG 2011 which was held at UTP Tronoh in Perak has ended last monday. I am so glad to see participants from Pahang esp from Kuantan. It is good that when i posted and advertise at the chess centre during the SCC GP, i can get those newly introduce to chess to play... :-))

in U8G - only one participants from Kuantan :
Nur Iman Hannah, she is 7 years old score 4 points from 8 games (not bad huh!) and placed 6th from 14 participants

in U10B - we had 2 players from Kuantan :
Meor Airil Rahimi - 14th placed with 5 points
Muhd Hazid Ekquan - 15th placed also with 5 points

in U12B - 1 player from Kuantan, and 1 from Pekan :
Muhd Asyraf - placed 22nd with 4 points
Meor Adib Rusyaidi - placed 29th also with 4 points

in U12G - 1 player from Kuantan :
Nur Sabrina Aliya - placed 4th with 5.5 points

in U14B - 1 player from Kuantan :
Muhd Firdaus Afiq - placed 17th with 5 points

It was good to hear them play and gained experiences from the event, which will benefit them in the coming MSSD Kuantan early in april.

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