Thursday, March 17, 2011

NCC - Young participants

Here in the pic is Wong Yinn Long.
This is the petite Muhd Faqih Aminuddin. A very young player, but courageous enough to take part in this prestigious event!
And this is Ng Shi Yang, who practically in every round stands up to focus!

I am impress with these kids (there are also other kids in the hall, but the ones taken are the smallest as they look), having this courage. I juz wish the parents back home (Kuantan) would realise that to play chess should start at a very young age! But the scenario back home is, when the child is spotted with chess talents - the parents would like to wait for many more years to come until it is too late. Sad isnt it?

**borrow Andrew's camera to take pic, i really cant stand it having been to chess tourney without any camera**

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