Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MASUM 2011 - pic 27/6/2011 (1)

The pairing for round 4
I guess the rest of the UMP's ladies were so surprised that our board 1 - Norazlianie did pretty well against UMP's Khairunnisa Izzati. Although I knew my UMP will lose the game coz of inexperience, but for her to show the fighting spirit to hold the game, gave the over-powering inspiration for the rest to turn the result and beat UMP in the end!
UMP's men against UNISZA. What can I say? to get upset and angry like last year would only cause me suffering (luckily i dont have any heart condition or high blood pressure)... this year i want them to feel the defeat themselves. What i can do it teach n teach n teach...
Our ladies from the bottom table point of view against UUM
We won against UUM 3-1, it shoud have been 4-0 if it werent for our 3rd board blunder!

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