Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MASUM 2011

From L-R : Duratul Ain (UKM's Manager), myself (UMP's coach), and Haslindah (arbiter for Ladies Team section)
In the first round UMP was paired against top seed- UIA. Hoping for upset result, but unfortunately once our first board - NM Zarul lost, the rest resign soon after.. huhuhu
Our ladies also was paired against UM - top seed in the first round. I was hoping for some upsets too! and yeay! we manage to draw 2-2 with UM..

I am currently at MASUM 2011, under the UMP flag as the chess coach for UMP team. I wont be around at the centre from 25th June - 4th July. After MASUM ended on the 29th June, I'll be heading straight ahead to KL for Arbiter course from 30th June - 4th July.

Up until 3rd round, the ladies team seems to be doing great with 2-2 draw with UM, second round win against UUM 3-1 and third round won against UPM 3-1. Impressive!

In round 4, they will meet second seed UPSI. It is tough, but hey, just play the best! if they want the medal so much this year, keep the winning momentum till the end!

On the other hand.... our men's team is not doing like what i assumed they would have. In round 1 they got white-wash with UIA 4-0, and becoz of the zero result they were bye in the 2nd round. And as i was hoping for a 4-0 thrash against UNISZA, they lost to 1.5 - 2.5! (what da h***)

Tomorrow they too will facing UPSI. Nothing can make me happier tomorrow, than the victory of both ladies and the men!

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