Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MASUM 2011 - Sad Day indeed

It is a very sad day for UMP both in round 4 and round 5. As it is not juz made me stress.. but suddenly i am depressed! I felt as though i have difficulty catching up my breath, low blood pressure, my heartbeat was at a very low pace... huhuh.. really a sad day.

The ladies was devastated after a 0-4 defeat by the UPSI team. And what make it worst, they are losing a winning game! one player that can actually win if she make full use (activate) her Bishop, and she didnt move it till she resigned! one player out of a blue give a free Rook (nothing threathening the Rook in anyway! one player doesnt even show any effort to press the clock and make any lightning move in only minutes to finish (she play like there's still tomorrow, never mind time can wait for everyone)! and one player who got the chance to break the game, keep on waiting for the opponent to strike! WHY??

While I am upset with one guy in the team that instead of taking the opponent Knight, he decided to move away the King (out a blue), because he is so scared of the Knight doing the fork! WHY?? (if you take the Knight there wont be any fork!)

Then in a very somber mood (still not recovered from the 4-0 defeat earlier), the ladies were paired against UiTM, and guess what?they lost with the margin 3-1. And the guys who supposed to win against UPNM only managed to drew 2-2.

One of the ladies - playing by herself, and got checkmated within 10 moves, one - make the same mistake that she make in round 3!, one - waiting her own time to drop in a position clearly only one or 2 pieces have exchanges! i mean- WHY??

One guy- lost to a game in a King-side attack (in which when me and Zarul did the post mortem, we clearly told him, that if he counter, there wont be any time to do the King-Side attack!), one - play by himself (too lazy to think off other options!) WHY??

And the "best" part was, they apologise to me? Why? why apologise? Are you playing in MASUM for me or for yourselves?

Few of the managers / coaches here said to me; "its ok, my team lost too"
I reply; "did they lose without a fight?"
they said; ", they fight till the end and then lose"

Based on the situation mentioned earlier, did they actually give it all out? did they fight till the end? did they give any effort? I can still remember, how Zarul actually said to one of them "Resign the game!!!" because her losing game that she still playing affected one of the UMP that was sitting besides her.

It was really hard, coz i dont have the energy anymore to scold, to get upset, or in the mood to teach...I am really terribly down at the moment, because, they kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again! Like i said, i dont mind if they lose the game, as long they lost with dignity (fighting till the end)...

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