Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Merdeka Team Rapid 2009 - The Final Rounds

Pic left : on the right is UM team
Pic right : Kids For Chess Independence vs Dynamic Team

Pic left : on the right is team Nusa Mahkota with first board - Aziz Shukor
Pic right : I am hardly able to identify who's who in this pic

Pic left : on the right is Royal Selangor Club veterans - led by IM Giam Choo Kwee
Pic right : The Four Seasons with Wong Hao on first board vs Selangor Generasi 9 with Yeoh Li Tian on the first board.

Pic left : Sarawak Team on the left led by Lim Kian Hwa
Pic Right : Selangor Generasi 1o with Nur nabila on the first board vs Team Rosharch with Cheah Cheuk Fung on the first board, at Table 11

Pic left : Klang Valley Kiwis
Pic right : Indonesian Dream Girls vs Perak Juniors (they beat these Perak kids with 3.5 - 0.5 score)

Pic left : UTM Alpha team led by Chan Tze Wei,
Pic right : and they play against our team, Astro. In the final rounds Astro and Indonesian Girls were tie with 17.5 points, we were aiming to win the best ladies team prize. But unfornately, Indonesian won 3.5 against perak, and we were trashed 4-0 by UTM.. sad.. really sad..

Pic left : ChessIsChess Team, led by IM Jimmy Liew. In his team, there is FM Eric Cheah, who has been long missing from chess scene. The last time I saw him was when we were team mates in Olimpiad 1990 at Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
Pic right : on the right is IM Richard Bitoon from PHI team of Calamba City

Pic left : MISC Bhd led by Fairin Zakaria vs Calamba City B led by Rustum Tolentino
Pic right : Selangor led by Ian Udani on first board vs Malfori Phillippines led by IM Oliver Dimakiling. Why is he looking the other way, it is because, when the pic is taken, there was a song sang by all the players to those celeb their bday on our Independence day today, that is, Nurihsan Yahya and IM Tirto.

Pic left : MISC Bhd - Fairin, Ilham, Irman and Husein Jamil
Pic right : Caviaga Lubricants - on the last round, GM Gerhard already left Malaysia, and the top board spot was filled by 17 year old, Pak Yevgeniy from Kazakhstan.

Pic left : Selangor - Ian Udani, NM Zarul Shazwan, Kamaludin, NWM Nurshazwani
Pic right : Friends of Jenjosh led by NM Ng Ee Vern, Alvin Ong, John Wong, and Tan Poh Heng

Pic left : and the friends were paired against SMS Gold - KLMN led by FM Lim Yee Weng, NM Marcus Chan, FM Nicholas Chan, and Khor Shihong
Pic right : Yes, this is pic of the upsets! (click link hairulov for the hands of Gods story), SMS Gold MO led by soon to be IM Mok Tze Meng, Ooi Chern Ee, Lim Zhuo Ren, Soon Wai Cheong. Mok defeat the earlier Blitz for fun Champ GM Rogelio Antonio from the team - Tagatay City. However, the defeat of Antonio does not affect the total team score, as they won 2.5-1.5, with GM Laylo on the second board won against FM Ooi.

Pic left : On the first table - IRI-MAS team, led by GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami, WGM Atousa Pourkashiyan, WIM Ghaderpour, and Cheah Eugene
Pic right : Hands up, guys! this is the police! - meet team Bhayangkara Police from Indonesia. Smiling while the pic was taken is their first board - GM Susanto Megaranto.

Pic left : Astro Team - GM Marat, GM Saidali, Abd Haq, and Jax Tham
Pic right : and they play against Jakarta Chess Club led by IM Dede Lieu

Pic left : on the right are the Johorians, led by Abdullah Che Hassan.
Pic right : INA-RTCC led by IM Tirto (happy bday!), FM Awam Wahono, Jafar Sofyan and Hasan Panggabian.

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