Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Merdeka Team Rapid 2009 - Open Winners

Here are the top ten winners!

Pic left : (sorry a bit darker) - Tenth place : Malfori Phillipines with 22 points. The players are - IM Oliver Dimakiling, IM Ronald Dableo, Leonardo Carlos, Daniel Causo and Silva Winston.
Pic right : 9th place : Calamba City B with 22 points. The players are, Rustum Tolentino, Rhobel Legaspi, Ric Portugalera and Ernesto Ramos.

Pic left : 8th place : Calamba City with 22 points. The players are, IM Richard Bitoon, Emmanuel Senador, Rodolfo Panopio, Roel Abelgas, Ireneo Gonzales
Pic right : 7th place : IRI-MAS with 22.5 points. The players are, GM Ehsan, WGM Atousa, WIM Ghaderpour, Cheah Eugene and Andrew (why are you not in the pic Andrew?)

Pic left : 6th place : Team Astro with 23.5 points. The players are GM Marat, GM Saidali, Abdul Haq and Jax Tham.
Pic right : 5th place : Jakarta Chess Club with 23.5 points. The players are, IM Dede, Masruri Rahman, FM Sharif, Aris Tiles (btw, he is 11 years old)

Pic left : 4th place : Tagatay City with 24 points. The players are GM Rogelio Antonio, GM Darwin Laylo, Samson Lim, Wilfredo Abalos
pic right : 3rd place : SMS Gold KLMN with 24 points (this is the best Malaysians result so far in the history of Merdeka Team Rapid event). The players are, FM Lim Yee Weng, NM Marcus Chan, FM Nicholas, and Khor Shihong

Pic left : 2nd place : Bhayangkara Police with the Batik Uniform, they are with 27.5 points. The players are, GM Susanto Megaranto, Sutarji, IM Irwanto Sadikin, Farid Firmansyah, and Eco Pujianto.
Pic right : The CHAMPION! INA RTCC with undisputed 28.5 points! . The manager lifting the Challenge Trophy - FM Sebastian with the players, IM Tirto, FM Awam Wahono, Sofyan Jafar, Hasian Panggabian.

The closing was attended by MCF Presiden - Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, Dato' Tan Chin Nam, and Mr Sirajuddin (who is the person sponsoring SMS teams)

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