Tuesday, May 26, 2009

38.White to move

In the position above it looks like an equal position for both side .The question is

a)Is it possible for either White or Black to win in this position?

Thanks again to Mr....,Eugene,Kumara and Albin for sharing your thought to solve problem 37 and correct Black win by 1.Ra6+ Kf7 2. Ra5 f4 3. Ra7+ Ke6 4. Ra6+ Kd5 5. Ra5+ Kc4 6. Ra8 f3+ 7. Kf2 Rh1 8. Rc8+ Kd5 9. Rd8+ Kc6 10. Ra8 a1=Q.The key move is push the f pawn. White has no choice but to move only on f2 to stop the advanced of the f pawn.Black rook now can move to h1 and white is in dilemma and will lose a rook.

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