Thursday, May 28, 2009

Selangor Open 2009 Photos

pic left : Khair vs Abdullah Che Hassan, besides him is NM Kamal vs Rizal.
pic right: Fadli vs Yeap Eng Chiam, next to fadli is Ismail Ahmad vs Sumant, while next to Ismail is IM Mas Hafizul vs Lim Zhuo Ren. It was interesting to watch Fadli in this game, though he lost to Eng Chiam, but he managed to play well.. even when his time was actually 2 min!

pic left: Aziz Shukor vs Gerald Soh
pic right: One of Paragames trainer trying his luck at Sel Open - Rizal Ahmad Kamal vs Justin Ong. He missed one move that could secure him victory.

pic left: i know playing black is Masrin Erowan, coming all the way from Sabah to play, his opponent however I cant recall-thousand apology! Thanks to albin, it is Abd Kadir Jalani... Now I remember..
pic right : Terengganu hero - Nor Ilhamuddin, vs also Terengganu hero in mssm last year- Shazwan.

pic left : cant really tell who's who in the pic - SORRY
pic right : the Otai from Sarawak - Lim Kian Hwa

pic left: Cikgu Baha from Kelantan vs Azman Hisham, next to him is Haslindah vs Fairul
pic right: trying to zoom in pic of Nabila - wearing red shirt.

The above pictures was taken on 2nd May 2009, I think this was round 7. This is not the best pictures I have taken... too blurry. I need to buy new camera someday. The canon that I am using is too old and outdated.

This year Selangor Open is very interesting and exciting event, as we can see upsets and many new faces managed to climb the ladder of victory and play on the top board. Classical games always full of uncertainty since anyone can take their time. The champs is Nicholas Chan, Second is Ian Udani, Third is Lim Yee Weng. For full result you can click link gilachess and search there.

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