Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kuantan Players in National Closed 2009

Few Kuantan players will be participating in the coming National Closed 2009, which will be held at DAT Chess Centre at 4th Floor of Kompleks Wilayah, Kuala Lumpur.

Playing in the Open Section are :
1. Mohd Khair Wahidduddin
2. Sharif Mohd Zaki
3. Asman Bin Aminullah

Playing in the Women Section are :
1. Nur Farhana Atiqah Bt Amir Hafidz
2. Nur Sabrina Aliya Bt Asman

The game will start at 8.30am this saturday, with a time control of 90 min + 30 Sec increment, this is a classical event which is FIDE Rated. The game will ended next wednesday.

Hope they will received their first FIDE rating soon! All the best!

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