Sunday, May 24, 2009

MASUM 2009

Better late than never... :-) i know there are some viewers were expecting me updating the results of MASUM soonest after rounds ended, but the truth I am busy analysing games and sms-ing with my students... imagine me being here and them over at UUM.. trying hard to motivate the players especially the ladies, since this is their first major event! Sometimes I cant even concentrate on my job at the office coz, I guess my heart flew away to UUM to be with them.. but my body remains at the Office to do the job... kinda hard to live like this.. so, I decided, if I were given the opportunity to coach UMP again.. I am sure to get my leave from work and be with the students... hahaha.. maybe when that time comes my students wont have any excuses left for playing bad :-))

Thanks to NM Zarul Shazwan for replacing me to motivate the players not to mention gave them a thing or two there.. Thanks!

Before I gave the results of MASUM, juz want to say to the team, you guys did the best you can during the time, in which I knew you could have done better, but I never expected you guys to achieved what you have achieved along the way! Most of you did improves a lot and you listen well during training, so I am proud of it! The Men's team, congrats to NM Zarul for winning the first board prize. To Chai Soon you did great! to Hafrez and Daus you guys contribute too!

Congrats to Ayu for winning the third board prize, to Farhana, you did great too for not losing a single game, though you lost on tie break for the second board prize.. to Leya and Atirah you guys fought well.. who would have thought these two "bidan terjun" could actually contribute and play as a team. I thought these ladies from zero, and for them to win big and sharing second place position before the final rounds is something that was surprising.

Honestly, I wasnt actually hoping for any medals, but as a trainer, I juz wanted better play from the students!

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