Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10th ASEAN Age Group 2009 - Updates!

Pic left : National Junior Master (NJM) 2008, Muhd Tariq Amru, playing in Open U-20.
Pic right : The opening ceremony, which was broadcast live in Vietnam.

Pic left : Jerome Yong from Sarawak playing in Open U-12, with Mrs Wong.
Pic right : Huang Giang Hotel, the official hotel where the Malaysians are currently staying and playing.

As at round 5, Nur Najiha and Nur Nabila Azman Hisham showed an impressive results for being on the top spot of the ranking. Najiha is clearly unbeaten with 3 wins and 2 draws, collecting 4 points from 5 rounds. She is the leader for U-10 Girls. She will be paired against Dita Karenza from Indonesia in round 6.

Nabila also not bad, climbing up to the top spot after the first round defeat. She is now with 4 points from 5 rounds. She will be playing against Aulia Medina in round 6 this morning. She is just 1 point behind tournament leader Aulia Medina from Indonesia for U-12 Girls.

While others are scoring 50% from 5 rounds so far. Camilia in U-12 Girls score 2.5 points, and she will be paired against Joyce Semilano from Phillippines in round 6. NM Edward Lee playing in Open U-16 also with 2.5 points, will be playing against Dang Duy Linh from Vietnam in round 6. In earlier round he lost to Lennon Selgados from Phillippines. NJM Muhd Tariq Amru scored 2 points and will meet Rian Kapriaga from Indonesia in round 6. Tariq is representing Malaysia in Open U-20. Amier Hamzah scored 2 points in Open U-8, and he will meet with another vietnamese in the same category. While the Jerome Yong, after suffered defeat 3 rounds in a row, is slowly making a comeback with a win in round 4 and drew in round 5, therefore currently scoring 1.5 points and shall be playing against Kiril Chebota in round 6.

It is nice to hear this time, few parents actually hire personal coach to coached their children during the tournament, and there are also parents who take the role of coaching themselves. Few of them as being reported by the Team Manager, Pn Haslindah, are in a winning position but failed to secure the winning and eventually lost later on. Hope they learned something from it, and when I see these kids again I truly hope I can see the future champs in the making! Bring back something from Vietnam ok! :-) Malaysia Boleh!!

To find out the analysis of games, Hairulov is doing the updates on that.

**Pictures courtesy of Pn Haslindah Ruslan**

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