Sunday, June 07, 2009

DATMO 2009 is on!

We all thought last year was the last installment of Malaysian Open, but all of us hoping that the tourney will goes on again this year, and for the years to come (hopefully).

And it is confirmed! It is on!!!! I am sure I am not the only one excited about the event, or the excitement to meet another GM players that will sure be playing, but I bet there are others too! But unfortunately, this year there will only be Malaysian Open, unlike last year we have the Ambank Chess Challenge for the underrated players. Whatever it is, the heat is on again this year.

Based from the date 21st - 31st august, this will be the first time chess is held during the Fasting month of Ramadhan here in Malaysia. I dont think fasting will be a problem, as for me, playing during fasting month gives us the pleasure to play under a calm mind since we are fasting not juz from food but from all sorts of things that we are supposed to. Hope that is an advantage for all muslim players playing then.

Hope Kuantan will send players for the Malaysian Open, or the Merdeka Rapid, or the Malaysian Blitz open. I had the chance to play in all the categories, and it was a chance in a life time!

For more info : Gilachess Blog

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