Friday, June 12, 2009

10th ASEAN Age Group - Rapid Updates!

After the classical game of under age group, now the players are competing in the Rapid event. I guess this is the event most kids are looking forward for, since it involves quick play. Hmm.. kids just love quick play! I guess most of them got bored waiting for opponent to make moves in the classical hours (perhaps!).

The players will play 4 rounds today, and 3 rounds tomorrow! with my age now, I dont think I can endure such stress, tiring and pressure of playing chess after chess. At this age, after classical event, I need to catch up with rest. But kids certainly enjoying themselves now. Lets check out the score ;

Amier Hamzah again playing in the Open U-8, makes an upset by beating the classical U-8 champ. he is now with 3/4, he lost in the first round. Jerome Yong - Open U-12, is 2.5/4. While NM Edward Lee after 4 rounds he is now with 1/4. Is the grueling and intense the recently concluded National Closed aftected his performance in Vietnam? Or he is definitely not a Rapid player?. NJM Muhd Tariq Amru is now with 2/4.

The girls, WFM Nur Najihah competing in Girls U-10, looking good with 3/4, Nur Nabila competing in U-12 Girls with 1.5/4, while Camilia drew 3 times and won 1 game, makes her with 2.5/4.

Lets just hope we get something out of this Rapid event too! Malaysia Boleh!

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