Monday, September 06, 2010

DATMO - Round 7 Updates!

Pic left : IM Mok was up against GM Laxman. IM Mok joins the "club" when he won against the GM!
Pic right : Ronnie Lim is still playing against IM Khamrakulov from Uzbek

Pic left : On board 2, interesting play by GM Zhou Weiqi as shown on live games! he is a piece down but with 3 pawns up! AND HE WON THE GAME!
Pic right : Alia vs Aquino. She lost this game juz now. But she is leading the malaysian women pack at DATMO with 3 points from 6 games.

Interesting! Junior player from Uzbek is up against our Junior Yeoh Li Tian. And the result : Li Tian lost...

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