Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thank You!

I thank you all the UM students that make it all happened! This year UM students are very dedicated and commited to the work and thus making all our lives easier! (esp during the hectic Merdeka Team, Merdeka Rapid, Merdeka Blitz and the Merdeka Age Group!). Also thanks to Son Asya (UZB) and Irina Kayumova (RUS) who has also helped during the Ambank, Seniors, and the Merdeka Age Group. Thank you to dear chess friends that has helped a lot, to Haslindah, Roslina, Alia, Hadi, Andrew, Marcus and the kids (Jun Feng and the gang).
And a very special thanks to En Hamid for hiring me, and esp to En Najib for giving me all the infos and knowledge about chess. The things that I learned thru out the days at Malaysian Chess Festival will not be forgotten and I will make full use of it here back home!
All the best guys in the final day of Malaysian Chess Festival!
**juz arrived in Kuantan at 9.30am and went straight to the office, will only be home on the before buka puasa time. And right now, my mind is definitely not focus towards the pile of work in front of me, but the Final rounds of DATMO and the Blitz that I wish I could participate this time as this is perhaps the final edition of Malaysian Chess Festival (sob.. sob..sob..)**

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